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Amazon ASINs Data Scraper - Amazon Standard Identification Number Collection

RealdataAPI / Amazon-SINs-product-scraper

This unofficial data scraping tool gives you Amazon ASIN Numbers data. You can collect Amazon Standard Identification Number and other product data, including names, descriptions, brands, prices, and seller information. Our scraper is available in Australia, Canada, France, the USA, the UK, UAE, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Mexico, and other countries.

What does Amazon Product ASINs Number Data Scraper do?

The Amazon Standard Identification Numbers Scraper will allow you to collect more data from the Amazon platform than its official API.

You can collect the following data using Amazon ASINs Number Data Scraper.

  • Product Titles
  • Prices
  • Brands
  • Product Descriptions
  • Offers
  • Stars
  • Features
  • Seller Information
  • Amazon Standard Identification Numbers of products

Why collect ASINs data of Amazon products?

Extracting Amazon ASINs data for various products can benefit you with the following:

  • Streamline your messaging and advertising.
  • Track the product performance based on categories and subcategories on the platform to compare it with your product performance.
  • Lead the competitive intelligence using Amazon product ASINs data.
  • Find upcoming products and brands to benchmark your product performance inside the category based on reviews, conversion, and views.

How to scrape Amazon Standard Identification Numbers ( ASINs) from the Amazon platform?

Check out the stepwise tutorial to use our Amazon ASIN Numbers Data Scraper for more details.

What is the cost of using Amazon ASINs Data Scraper?

We give you a free usage credit of 5 USD monthly in our free plan. Using these free credits, you can extract up to 20 thousand results from the Amazon ASINs data scraper for free.

If you are hunting for more data for Amazon Standard Identification Numbers, you can switch to our monthly subscription plan of 49 USD, where you'll collect 200k results in a month. There is one more plan if you need more data.

What are the other Amazon Data Scrapers?

To scrape ecommerce product data from Amazon, we have developed dedicated scrapers, including our Amazon Product Data Scraper. For specific data, you can use the following scrapers

  • Amazon Reviews Scraper
  • Amazon Seller Scraper
  • Amazon Best Sellers Scraper
Can I scrape Amazon ASINs legally?

Yes, Amazon ASIN Numbers are publically available on the internet. You can scrape them following legal guidelines.

What are the Input Parameters of Amazon ASINs Data Scraper?

Head to the input tab to learn about Amazon Standard Identification Number collection input parameters.

Output Sample of Amazon ASINs Data Scraper
[{ "title": "Apple iPhone 11 Pro, 64GB, Midnight Green - Unlocked (Renewed Premium)", "url": "", "asin": "B08BHHSB6M", "inStock": true, "brand": "Amazon Renewed", "price": { "value": 549, "currency": "$" }, "listPrice": { "value": 590.06, "currency": "$" }, "savedPrice": { "value": 41.06, "currency": "$" }, "shippingPrice": null, "stars": 4.3, "starsBreakdown": { "5star": 0.7, "4star": 0.12, "3star": 0.05, "2star": 0.03, "1star": 0.1 }, "reviewsCount": 13443, "answeredQuestions": 1000, "breadCrumbs": "Cell Phones & Accessories › Cell Phones", "thumbnailImage": "", "description": "Shoot amazing videos and photos with the Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras. Capture your best low-light photos with Night mode. Watch HDR movies and shows on the Super Retina XDR display—the brightest iPhone display yet. Experience unprecedented performance with A13 Bionic for gaming, augmented reality (AR), and photography. All in the first iPhone powerful enough to be called Pro.", "features": [ "This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket, Metro, Tracfone, Mint Mobile, etc.).", "Tested for battery health and guaranteed to come with a battery that exceeds 90% of original capacity.", "Backed by a one-year satisfaction guarantee, with free access to Amazon’s Technical Support team throughout the full year and ability to replace or return the product if it does not work as expected.", "Includes a brand new, generic charging cable that is certified Mfi (Made for iPhone) and a brand new, generic wall plug that is UL certified for performance and safety. Also includes a SIM tray removal tool but does not come with headphones or a SIM card.", "Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm’s length. Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information." ], "attributes": [ { "key": "Package Dimensions", "value": "9.13 x 8.5 x 1.69 inches" }, { "key": "Item Weight", "value": "15.5 ounces" }, { "key": "ASIN", "value": "B08BHHSB6M" }, { "key": "Item model number", "value": "A2160" }, { "key": "OS", "value": "IOS 12" }, { "key": "RAM", "value": "64 GB" }, { "key": "Wireless communication technologies", "value": "Cellular" }, { "key": "Other display features", "value": "Wireless" }, { "key": "Form Factor", "value": "Smart Phone" }, { "key": "Colour", "value": "Midnight Green" }, { "key": "Battery Power Rating", "value": "458" }, { "key": "Included Components", "value": "Charging cable and block" }, { "key": "Manufacturer", "value": "Apple Computer" }, { "key": "Country of Origin", "value": "USA" }, { "key": "Date First Available", "value": "June 17, 2020" } ], "variantAsins": [ "B08BHHSB6M", "B08BHXC5ZS", "B08BHJ5XH9", "B08BHHSB6M", "B08BHSTJC5", "B08BK7FW5R", "B08BHHSB6M", "B07ZQRMWVB", "B08BHHSB6M" ], "reviewsLink": "/Apple-iPhone-64GB-Midnight-Green/product-reviews/B08BHHSB6M/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews", "delivery": "Fri, Sep 23", "fastestDelivery": "Wed, Sep 21", "returnPolicy": null, "support": "Free Amazon product support included", "variantAttributes": [ { "key": "Size", "value": "64GB" }, { "key": "Color", "value": "Midnight Green" }, { "key": "Service Provider", "value": "Unlocked" }, { "key": "Product grade", "value": "Renewed Premium" } ], "priceVariants": null, "manufacturerAttributes": [], "seller": { "name": "", "id": null, "url": "", "reviewsCount": null, "averageRating": null }, "condition": "Excellent condition (Refurbished)", "position": 1 }]
Amazon ASINs Data Scraper with Integrations

Lastly, using our integrations, you can connect Amazon ASINs Data Scraper with any web application or cloud service. You can connect the scraper with Zapier Make, Google Drive, GitHub, Airbyte, Google Sheets, Slack & more. If any event occurs, you can take action using webhooks; for example, you can get an alert whenever Amazon ASINs Data Scraper completes its run successfully.

Using Amazon ASINs Data Scraper with Real Data API Actor

We programmatically allow you to access our platform. We have organized the actor around RESTful HTTP endpoints to allow you to schedule, manage, and execute Real Data API actors. Our API also allows you to track scraper performance, access datasets, retrieve outputs, update and create new scraper versions, and more.

Use our client PyPl package to access the API using Python, and use our client NPM package to access it using Node.js.

Open the API tab to check the code example for the scraper.


Check out how industries use Amazon ASINs Data Scraper worldwide.


eCommerce and Retail

You should have a Real Data API account to execute the program examples. Replace YOUR_API_TOKEN in the program using the token of your actor. Read about the live APIs with Real Data API docs for more explanation.

import { RealdataAPI_client } from 'RealdataAPI_client';

// Initialize the RealdataAPI_client with API token
const client = new RealdataAPI_client({
    token: '<YOUR_API_TOKEN>',

// Prepare actor input
const input = {
    "asins": [
    "proxyConfiguration": {
        "useApifyProxy": true

(async () => {
    // Run the actor and wait for it to finish
    const run = await"junglee/amazon-asins-scraper").call(input);

    // Fetch and print actor results from the run's dataset (if any)
    console.log('Results from dataset');
    const { items } = await client.dataset(run.defaultDatasetId).listItems();
    items.forEach((item) => {
from RealdataAPI_client import RealdataAPIclient

# Initialize the RealdataAPI_client with your API token
client = RealdataAPI_client("<YOUR_API_TOKEN>")

# Prepare the actor input
run_input = {
    "asins": ["B08BHHSB6M"],
    "proxyConfiguration": { "useApifyProxy": True },

# Run the actor and wait for it to finish
run ="junglee/amazon-asins-scraper").call(run_input=run_input)

# Fetch and print actor results from the run's dataset (if there are any)
for item in client.dataset(run["defaultDatasetId"]).iterate_items():
# Set API token

# Prepare actor input
cat > input.json <<'EOF'
  "asins": [
  "proxyConfiguration": {
    "useRealdata": true

# Run the actor
curl "$API_TOKEN" \
  -X POST \
  -d @input.json \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

Enter Amazon ASINs

asins Required Array

Put any number of Amazon ASINs to collect the data.

Proxy Configuration

proxyConfiguration Required Object

Depending on your proxy server location, Amazon displays the products it can deliver to your location. You don't need to worry if it can deliver the product worldwide. So remember to set up proxies for where you want the product delivered.

  "asins": [
  "proxyConfiguration": {
    "useApifyProxy": true