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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Boost morale and profit using automation to do dull and recurring tasks on the web.


Employees and owners spend most of their time before the computer screen in every company. Let Real Data API robots help you automate routine activities. It will help you utilize your workforce in other important activities efficiently. Smart automation can save a huge amount of cost, maybe up up to 75%.

Manual Activity Automation

Save money and time by using automation for recurring tasks. These activities may be anything like data entry, logging in to web pages, analyzing content tracking, web pages, sending notifications to users, and many more.


Submit Online Forms

Let our robots take over your tasks of repetitive form submissions online. A simple API call can replace Scouring job portals by filling forms automatically.

Single Click Marketing

Importing content across different marketing channels and monitoring their growth can be costly and overwhelming rapidly. Bots can do every task for you. Create their reports using automation and check ROI for your advertising campaigns at a glance.


Accounting Automation

Procedures like bank login, payments, invoice generation, copying, searching, and clicking through several systems can use automation and reduce potential errors and save time.

Content Aggregation Through The Internet

Instead of exploring a number of web pages daily to hunt specific data, let Real Data API do it for you and share the detailed and precise report with the needed information to you.


Automation Of Sales Process

Use automation to interact with famous CMS channels. Listing the same product to multiple stores and keeping them updated can be based on a single click using automation.

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