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Market research - Scrape Competitor Data

Gather market insights from web data in minimum time.


Correct and to-the-point information is a base of successful business brands. Use a wide range of data from the internet to collect information about existing and potential customers, completion, and the industry at scale.

Travel and Accommodation

Track accommodation data on Airbnb and Booking platforms. Explore room availability, listings, type of accommodation, pricing, and pricing changes during the different seasons of the year to see patterns and increase returns.


Social Media

Collect feedback on brands from social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to calculate growth potential and optimize marketing campaigns accordingly.


Data extraction offers from car sales portals, and dealers help you recognize the visibility of several models and brands.


Real Estate

Scrape apartment and home listings from real estate websites to generate analytics of current market conditions.


Are you planning to open a new hotel at the correct location? Gather data of competitors or business listings to determine the business location to generate more revenue.


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