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Utilize the Unofficial Lazada API for efficient Lazada data scraping. Extract prices, descriptions, images, and more based on keywords or categories. Download structured data for seamless integration into reports, spreadsheets, databases, and applications using the Lazada Scraper.

Effortlessly extract items with the Lazada Scraper from any category or keyword. Download data in HTML, Excel, XML, JSON, or CSV formats, simplifying Lazada data scraping.

How to Utilize the Scraped Data from Lazada?

Leverage the extracted data from Lazada with Lazada Scraper for comprehensive e-commerce insights. Establish automated price and bidding monitoring in real-time, allowing adjustments to your buying or pricing strategies.

Efficiently track competitors' prices, listings, and sales data across various online stores, supporting informed decision-making with accurate and relevant data.

Conduct thorough market analysis by scanning and analyzing Lazada for images, products, keywords, and emerging categories, ensuring you stay ahead of market trends and consumer habits.

Optimize performance and implement lightweight automation effortlessly for market research, machine learning, or new product development.

Explore our industries pages for diverse ideas on how web scraping data is utilized in retail and e-commerce, highlighting at some ways to maximize the potential of Lazada data for projects and businesses of various scales and directions.

Input Parameters

This actor, the Lazada Scraper, operates seamlessly with just two inputs: a link and a proxy.

The 'startUrls' (required) define the search queries/categories on Lazada, allowing you to specify any search/category page for scraping.

Additionally, 'max pages' (required) limit the number of pages to be scraped.

The 'proxyConfiguration' (required) specifies proxy settings during operation, a crucial aspect of platform usage.

When using the Lazada Scraper on the platform, ensure the proxy setting is always enabled.

The default value is { "useReal Data APIProxy": true }. Experience efficient Lazada data scraping with this actor, simplifying the extraction process for comprehensive e-commerce insights.


  "startUrls": [
      "url": ""
      "url": ""
  "maxPages": 10,
  "proxyConfig": {
    "useReal Data APIProxy": true



After the Lazada actor finishes the scraping run, it will store the scraped results in a dataset and show them to you as output results. The results can be downloaded in various formats.

  "url": "",
  "name": "【Buy 1 get 1】Good Quality Keypad Mobile Phone Classic Cellphone(2610)",
  "image": "",
  "priceShow": "₱527.36",
  "discount": "67%off",
  "location": "Metro Manila",
  "description": [
    "2G connectivity for calling and textingFM radio and MP3 player for music16 MB storage4 plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GBBeautiful push buttons and iconic, shaped design2 MP camera with LED flash for simple snapsAll-new UI with nods to the originalAwesome battery life, with up to 22 hours talk timeHeadphone jack for your tunes1.77” curved window with polarized layer for better readability in sunlight"
  "sellerName": "Japan Shop 1583415983",
  "brandName": "No Brand",
  "price": "527.36",
  "inStock": true,
  "originalPrice": "1599",
  "listUrl": ""


Please note that the search results may differ based on the execution location during scraping. For optimal scraping results, we recommend utilizing proxies to maintain consistency from the same location.

Proxy Usage

Proxy usage is essential for the proper functioning of this actor, as with many retail industry scrapers. Running it on a free account is not recommended for complex tasks beyond obtaining a result sample. For more extensive scraping needs, subscribing to the Real Data API platform ensures access to a substantial pool of proxies, enhancing the scraper's efficiency and reliability.

Supported Countries

This actor facilitates Lazada scraping across various countries and domains.






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Looking to find product pairs between Lazada and another online shop? Utilize our Lazada Scraper, a sophisticated model enabling the comparison of items from different web stores. This AI tool identifies exact matches and compares real-time data obtained through Lazada data scraping. With our Lazada Scraper, leverage scraped product data for monitoring matches, implementing dynamic pricing, replacing or complementing manual mapping, and obtaining realistic estimates against competitors for upcoming promo campaigns. Getting started is easy; just follow this guide, and the tool efficiently matches thousands of product pairs. Enhance your e-commerce strategy with Lazada Scraper for insightful and data-driven decision-making.


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