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Macy's Data Scraper - Scrape Fashion, Beauty, and Home Decor Product Data

RealdataAPI / macys-data-scraper

Scrape fashion, beauty, home decor, kitchen, and electronics product data from Macy's official website. It allows you to scrape product prices, images, colors, product descriptions, reviews, ratings, and more. Our Macy's product data scraping tool is available in countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, and Mexico.

What does Macy's Data Scraper do?

The data scraping tool will allow you to scrape product data from Macy's official website.

Macy's product data scraper can extract the following:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Color
  • Price
  • Images.

Why Scrape Product Data From Macy's?

Over a hundred million people visit Macy's official website every month on average, and it is the top data source for fashion products along with a few other e-commerce categories like fashion, beauty, home decor, kitchen, electronics, and more.

Here are some use cases for Macy's product data:

  • Price Monitoring: Regularly scrape Macy's product prices to discover the perfect deal.
  • Market Research: check market sentiments, and similar products available in the market, to decide how to market your new products.
  • Product Research: scrape the product data to buy it as soon as it is in stock. As an e-commerce business owner, check out the ecommerce and retail industry section to learn more about how Macy's data scraping will help your company.

How to Scrape Product Data From Macy's?

You can easily extract Macy's product data from its official website using Macy's data scraper. Follow the below steps to get the required data quickly.

  • Open Macy's data extractor on our platform.
  • Enter search queries or keywords for the required products you wish to extract.
  • The scraper will collect the necessary data; you can review or export the data. Visit the dataset tab to get that data.

What is the Cost of Scraping Macy's Product Data?

Our platform gives 5 USD platform credits monthly in the trial plan. You can scrape around twenty thousand monthly outputs using Macy's data scraper.

However, subscribe to our monthly personal plan of 49 USD to scrape Macy's product data regularly. In this plan, you can retrieve around 200k results in a month.

If you want more data, try our team plan of 499 USD, and get around two million data outputs.

Results of Macy's Scraper

You can check the scraper output in the dataset tab once it switches its status to Succeeded. You can review or export them in JSON, HTML, Excel, CSV, RSS, or XML format.

Can I Scrape Macy's Product Data Legally?

Yes, you can legally scrape product data using Macy's scraper. However, remember to avoid scraping personal data from the Macy's platform.

Do you want to Discover Product Pair Between Macy's and Other E-commerce Stores?

Use our Artificial intelligence-based Product matching tool- AI Product Matcher. It compares different products from ecommerce and web stores, finds exact match products, and compares them with real-time web data. You can use the collected product information to track product matches in the industry, complement or replace manual mapping, execute dynamic pricing strategy on your platform, and get reasonable estimates for your competitors' promotional campaigns in the future.

It is easier to use the Product matcher. The tool will check for one thousand product pairs at ten USD.


Check out how industries use Macy's Scraper worldwide.


E-commerce & Retail

You should have a Real Data API account to execute the program examples. Replace < YOUR_API_TOKEN> in the program using the token of your scraper Read about the live APIs with Real Data API docs for more explanation.

import { RealdataAPIClient } from 'RealdataAPI-Client';

// Initialize the RealdataAPIClient with API token
const client = new RealdataAPIClient({
    token: '<YOUR_API_TOKEN>',

// Prepare actor input
const input = {
    "maxItems": 5,
    "search": "Jeans",
    "proxy": {
        "useRealdataAPIProxy": true,
        "RealdataAPIProxyCountry": "US"

(async () => {
    // Run the actor and wait for it to finish
    const run = await"trudax/actor-macys-scraper").call(input);

    // Fetch and print actor results from the run's dataset (if any)
    console.log('Results from dataset');
    const { items } = await client.dataset(run.defaultDatasetId).listItems();
    items.forEach((item) => {
from RealdataAPI_client import RealdataAPIClient

# Initialize the RealdataAPIClient with your API token
client = RealdataAPIClient("<YOUR_API_TOKEN>")

# Prepare the actor input
run_input = {
    "maxItems": 5,
    "search": "Jeans",
    "proxy": {
        "useRealdataAPIProxy": True,
        "RealdataAPIProxyCountry": "US",

# Run the actor and wait for it to finish
run ="trudax/actor-macys-scraper").call(run_input=run_input)

# Fetch and print actor results from the run's dataset (if there are any)
for item in client.dataset(run["defaultDatasetId"]).iterate_items():
# Set API token

# Prepare actor input
cat > input.json <<'EOF'
  "maxItems": 5,
  "search": "Jeans",
  "proxy": {
    "useRealdataAPIProxy": true,
    "RealdataAPIProxyCountry": "US"

# Run the actor
curl "$API_TOKEN" /
  -X POST /
  -d @input.json /
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

Start URLs

startUrls Optional Array

Set URLs of product pages you want to scrape from Macy's.

It is optional, but you must provide a Search or Start URL field. You can also provide both fields.

Search Results Limit

maxItems Optional Integer

It is an optional integer field to process maximum search result counts.


search Optional String

In this field, provide search keywords that the scraper will use to search Macy's products.

It is an optional field. But you must provide a start URL field with or along with it.

Name of Product Request Store

productRequestQueueName Optional String

The field uses a customized store name to stick with the scraping history to avoid duplicate data.

Name of Key-value Output Store

outputStoreName Optional String

Use it to name a customized output store that saves every result in a dataset similar to past runs. It will centralize all the data in a single file.

Proxy Configuration

proxy Required Object

Set up a proxy server to support the execution of this scraper. You use proxies from our server or provide your external proxy.


debugMode Optional Boolean

Allow debugging message alerts.

Find Duplicate Data

checkDuplicates Optional Boolean

Allow finding duplicate product data instead of the scraper run.

  "maxItems": 5,
  "search": "Jeans",
  "outputStoreName": "",
  "proxy": {
    "useRealdataAPIProxy": true,
    "RealdataAPIProxyCountry": "US"
  "debugMode": false,
  "checkDuplicates": false