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Real Data API: The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Web Data Extraction

March 22, 2024
Real Data API The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Web Data Extraction-01

We're excited to unveil our latest web data extraction solution, Real Data API, designed for seamless web data scraping, collection, and extraction.

We aim to provide developers with a unified API for handling all their web scraping needs, allowing them to focus on data rather than extraction complexities like proxies, bans, and maintenance.

We've developed a robust web scraping infrastructure that manages even the most demanding use cases for advanced users.

Input a URL and effortlessly retrieve the required data—experience hassle-free web data collection with Real Data API, your premier choice for web scraping services.

What is Real Data API?

what is Real Data API-01

An Ideal Solution!.

Real Data API is a dependable and budget-friendly solution for scraping web data from any website.

Its automated "all-in-one" methodology eradicates the need for laborious configurations and anti-scraping techniques, ensuring effortless extraction from even the most intricate sites.

This prevents the necessity for numerous tools and costly trial-and-error processes typically associated with data extraction.

At Real Data, we are dedicated to providing robust tools that empower individuals and businesses to gather crucial publicly available data, regardless of scale.

Our goal is to simplify the process, ensure reliability, and offer cost-effective solutions for web data collection, extraction, and scraping services, enabling you to uncover innovative solutions, gain valuable insights, and explore new opportunities effortlessly.

Why Use Real Data API?

Why Use Real Data API-01

Improved User Interaction

Simplified Data Collection: Our platform ensures a hassle-free and transparent data collection process, eliminating the need for multiple tools or complex configurations to combat anti-data collection measures.

Automated Monitoring: Our platform features an automated monitoring system with a dedicated team of specialists. They work tirelessly to keep the platform updated, ensuring it stays aligned with changes in the web environment and anti-scraping measures.

Professional Efficiency: Our platform enables data collection engineers to create a scraping stack in large-scale professional environments swiftly. They can efficiently utilize the appropriate features and resources tailored to each domain, streamlining the data collection process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Powerful API

Powerful API-01

Simplified Web Data Collection: Our Real Data API streamlines web data collection by integrating various web scraping technologies and techniques into a powerful tool.

Dynamic Adaptation: It automatically adjusts to website changes, mitigating bans and ensuring uninterrupted data retrieval despite coding alterations.

Versatile Reliability: Designed to cater to small-scale and large-scale operations, our API is reliable and effective across diverse data collection needs.

Efficiency Enhancement: Professionals and data scientists can avoid the tedious task of configuring multiple tools that are prone to malfunctioning and require continuous supervision.

Anti-Scraping Efficacy: The Real Data API significantly improves data collection for professionals by effectively bypassing most anti-scraping methods currently employed.

Focus on Value Extraction: Our platform allows data technologists to concentrate on deriving value from data rather than manual management by automating repetitive tasks and managing proxies and algorithms.

Enhanced Productivity: With automated processes, users can efficiently gather and utilize data, optimizing productivity and maximizing insights.

Strategic Development

Strategic Development-01
  • At Real Data API, customer satisfaction is paramount, emphasizing swift and efficient web data collection.
  • Our automated API employs the latest, cost-effective techniques to circumvent anti-web scraping measures, empowering clients to concentrate on generating insights and fostering organizational impact.
  • With our singular API, all repetitive and complex web scraping tasks are seamlessly automated, streamlining the process for enhanced efficiency.

Zero Downtime

Zero Downtime-01
  • Per-Site Pricing: Real Data API offers per-site pricing, ensuring a cost-effective and reliable web data collection solution tailored to your needs.
  • Customized Cost Evaluation: Our team determines the cost per site based on the tools required to bypass anti-web scraping measures and bans specific to each site.
  • Scriptable Headless Browser: Our headless browser closely mimics human behavior, resulting in higher success rates in data retrieval. It provides complete control over actions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data collection.
  • Support for Common Scraping Actions: Our browser supports the most common scraping actions, saving users time and money.
  • Affordable Data Access: With Real Data API, accessing the data you need is always affordable, offering reliable solutions without breaking the bank.

What Does it Cover?

What Does it Cover-01

Automated Proxy Rotation and Retries

Our system automatically handles the replacement of blocked IPs or retries, ensuring optimal success rates without the need for manual IP management.

Session Support

Real Data API provides support for maintaining the same proxy sessions, routing requests through the same IP and browser profile for consistency.

Intelligent Ban Detection

Benefit from our built-in solution for detecting known site bans, drawing from an extensive and continuously updated database.

Scriptable Browser

Enjoy the convenience of built-in scriptable browser support, eliminating the need for integration into your code and leveraging standard libraries developed by our experts.

Geo Location Optimization

Access extensive geographical datacenter proxy coverage with intelligent selection of the most suitable proxy type, minimizing costs associated with residential APIs.

Screenshot Capture

Our API allows for capturing screenshots, facilitating quality assurance, monitoring page evolution, or product placement.

Cookie Jar Management

Increase efficiency by saving configurations such as location details for reuse across multiple requests.

IDE/Devtools Integration

Test and troubleshoot Real Data API parameters, actions, and scripts with ease using our integrated IDE/Devtools functionality prior to deployment.

How to Begin?

  • To begin, simply sign up by clicking on the provided link.
  • Then, use your web browser to send a request to your desired website and review the associated cost.
  • For additional guidance, consult the Real Data API tutorial.
  • Plus, you can also opt for a free trial to explore its functionalities.


In the ever-evolving landscape of web data scraping, our latest innovation, Real Data API, stands as a game-changer.

It simplifies data retrieval from any website, eliminating the need for extensive configuration of your scraping stack.

Our system intelligently detects and utilizes the requisite features and resources for each site, reducing reliance on costly and complex components while saving developers valuable time on maintenance tasks.

Web data collection holds immense significance in addressing real-world challenges, offering invaluable insights into business dynamics, economic trends, disease patterns, and even aiding in combating human trafficking.

At Real Data API, we firmly believe in the transformative power of internet data, which has the potential to drive societal progress and unlock economic opportunities.

We are thrilled to witness our customers harnessing the Real Data API to revolutionize the world through data-driven innovation.

To embark on your journey, explore our Real Data API tutorial and kickstart your endeavors within minutes.

For further inquiries or assistance with web data scraper or web scraping services, reach out to us today!