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Apollo io Leads Data Scraper - scrape Apollo io Data

RealdataAPI / Apollo io Leads Data Scraper

Scrape Apollo io data search results with our Apollo data scraper. Access verified emails and phone numbers without the need for expensive Apollo pricing plans. Simplify your lead generation process and efficiently gather valuable contact information for your business needs

What are the benefits of using this scraper?

  • With data scraping, you receive 10k email credits monthly.
  • However, CSV exports are capped at 120 for free plans and 3k - 12k for paid plans yearly.
  • Our scraper bypasses yearly export limits, allowing up to 10k monthly exports regardless of plan.
  • Access all details, including emails and phone numbers, from your Apollo leads search.

How does it operate?

This actor necessitates either cookies or login credentials to function.

For Cookie Usage:

Install the EditThisCookie Chrome extension.

Access the extension and export the cookies.

Paste the cookies into the Cookie input field of this actor.

For Login Credentials:

Input your login email and password into the designated fields.

How does it work?

Utilize the actor to search for leads on Apollo. After completing the search, copy the link from the address bar and paste it into the actor's Search URL input. If you provide a List name, the actor will search within the specified list; if not found, it will create a new one. All leads will be saved to the given list name and added to the actor's output dataset. Specify the start page and count parameters to scrape a range of pages. Ensure consistent proxy usage from the same country for each run of this Apollo data scraper.


To ensure compliance with Apollo's policies, it's important to limit the number of leads scraped to no more than 1,000 per day per Apollo account. This restriction aims to maintain fair usage and prevent excessive data extraction. Additionally, Apollo provides various scrapers, including the Apollo Company Search Scraper and the Crunchbase Scraper, designed to extract profiles, company information, and diverse data types from sources like Crunchbase Pro search results and URLs. Furthermore, specialized tools like the Facebook Group Members Scraper enable the extraction of unlimited members from any Facebook group. Users can explore Apollo's wide range of scrapers tailored to different needs and sources to enhance their data acquisition capabilities effectively.

Sample Data Output

    "id": "9e23e03a09b4f5b442cb1ac4",
    "first_name": "Ali",
    "last_name": "Khalil",
    "name": "Ali Khalil",
    "linkedin_url": "",
    "title": "Marketing Director",
    "email_status": "verified",
    "photo_url": "",
    "twitter_url": null,
    "github_url": null,
    "facebook_url": null,
    "extrapolated_email_confidence": null,
    "headline": "Marketing Director at XYZ Corporation",
    "email": "",
    "organization_id": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27af",
    "employment_history": [
            "_id": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27b0",
            "created_at": "2021-08-05T10:15:30.000Z",
            "current": true,
            "degree": null,
            "description": "Responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to drive business growth.",
            "emails": null,
            "end_date": null,
            "grade_level": null,
            "kind": null,
            "major": null,
            "organization_id": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27af",
            "organization_name": "XYZ Corporation",
            "raw_address": null,
            "start_date": "2019-05-10",
            "title": "Marketing Director",
            "updated_at": "2021-08-05T10:15:30.000Z",
            "id": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27b0",
            "key": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27b0"
            "_id": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27b1",
            "created_at": "2021-08-05T10:15:30.000Z",
            "current": false,
            "degree": null,
            "description": "Led a team of marketing professionals to execute successful campaigns and initiatives.",
            "emails": null,
            "end_date": "2019-05-10",
            "grade_level": null,
            "kind": null,
            "major": null,
            "organization_id": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27af",
            "organization_name": "XYZ Corporation",
            "raw_address": null,
            "start_date": "2015-03-20",
            "title": "Marketing Manager",
            "updated_at": "2021-08-05T10:15:30.000Z",
            "id": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27b1",
            "key": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27b1"
    "state": null,
    "city": null,
    "country": "United States",
    "organization": {
        "id": "5f223f8c45efcb001ecb27af",
        "name": "XYZ Corporation",
        "website_url": "",
        "blog_url": null,
        "angellist_url": null,
        "linkedin_url": "",
        "twitter_url": "",
        "facebook_url": null,
        "primary_phone": {
            "number": "+1234567890",
            "source": "Account"
        "languages": ["English"],
        "alexa_ranking": null,
        "phone": "+1234567890",
        "linkedin_uid": "123456789",
        "founded_year": 2000,
        "publicly_traded_symbol": null,
        "publicly_traded_exchange": null,
        "logo_url": "",
        "crunchbase_url": null,
        "primary_domain": "",
        "sanitized_phone": "+1234567890",
        "persona_counts": {}
    "phone_numbers": [
            "raw_number": "+1234567890",
            "sanitized_number": "+1234567890",
            "type": "work_hq",
            "position": 0,
            "status": "no_status",
            "dnc_status": null,
            "dnc_other_info": null
    "intent_strength": null,
    "show_intent": false,
    "revealed_for_current_team": true,
    "departments": ["Marketing"],
    "subdepartments": ["Digital Marketing"],
    "functions": ["Marketing"],
    "seniority": "director",
    "contact_stage_id": "60e49bc17b6e0a001eaef5e0",
    "owner_id": "60e49bc27b6e0a001eaef5e1",
    "creator_id": "60e49bc27b6e0a001eaef5e1",
    "person_id": "60e49bc37b6e0a001eaef5e2",
    "email_needs_tickling": false,
    "organization_name": "XYZ Corporation",
    "source": "search",
    "original_source": "search",
    "present_raw_address": "United States",
    "linkedin_uid": "987654321",
    "salesforce_id": null,
    "salesforce_lead_id": null,
    "salesforce_contact_id": null,
    "salesforce_account_id": null,
    "crm_owner_id": null,
    "created_at": "2021-08-05T10:15:30.000Z",
    "emailer_campaign_ids": [],
    "direct_dial_status": null,
    "direct_dial_enrichment_failed_at": null,
    "email_source": "manual_entry",
    "account_id": "60e49bc57b6e0a001eaef5e3",
    "last_activity_date": null,
    "hubspot_vid": null,
    "hubspot_company_id": null,
    "crm_id": null,
    "sanitized_phone": "+1234567890",
    "merged_crm_ids": null,
    "updated_at": "2021-08-05T10:15:30.000Z",
    "queued_for_crm_push": null,
    "suggested_from_rule_engine_config_id": null,
    "email_unsubscribed": null,
    "label_ids": ["60e49bc87b6e0a001eaef5e4"],
    "has_pending_email_arcgate_request": false,
    "has_email_arcgate_request": false,
    "existence_level": "full",
    "email_from_customer": null,
    "typed_custom_fields": {},
    "email_true_status": "Verified",
    "updated_email_true_status": true,
    "contact_rule_config_statuses": [],



Explore the power of integration with Apollo Leads by leveraging Make to seamlessly connect with any SaaS platform, enabling tailored automation workflows to suit your business needs. Additionally, delve into the comprehensive Apollo Data Fields Documentation, providing a thorough overview of JSON data from This documentation elucidates various aspects of individual profiles, encompassing contact details, employment history, and organizational insights. Utilize this resource to unlock valuable insights and optimize your data-driven strategies for enhanced productivity and efficiency in your operations.

Person Information

The dataset provides comprehensive information about individuals, including their first and last names, job titles, and employment history. Each entry is uniquely identified by an ID, while their contact details such as email addresses and social media profiles are masked to ensure privacy. Additionally, it includes URLs to their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub profiles, facilitating professional networking. The dataset also offers insights into individuals' locations, including their city, state, and country. Moreover, it encompasses confidence levels for extrapolated email addresses, affirming the data's reliability for various analytical purposes.

Employment History

The dataset includes detailed information about employment history, providing valuable insights into individuals' professional backgrounds. Each employment record is uniquely identified by an ID and encompasses data such as the creation and last update timestamps. A Boolean value indicates whether the employment is current or past, while additional details like degree obtained, job role description, and grade level offer deeper context. Moreover, it lists associated emails, start and end dates of employment, organizational details including identifiers and names, job titles, and employment types. This comprehensive dataset empowers analysis of individuals' career trajectories and organizational affiliations.

Organization Details

The dataset provides comprehensive details about organizations, facilitating thorough analysis of their profiles and characteristics. Each organization is uniquely identified by an ID and encompasses various attributes such as website URLs, social media profiles, founding year, and contact information. Additionally, it includes information about the organization's presence on platforms like AngelList, Crunchbase, LinkedIn, and Facebook, along with details about publicly traded shares. Phone numbers associated with the organization, including raw and sanitized versions, are also provided, along with their status and type. This rich dataset enables in-depth exploration and understanding of diverse organizational landscapes.

Additional Details

The dataset comprises a comprehensive array of attributes associated with individuals, encompassing various aspects of their professional and contact information. It includes unique identifiers such as account IDs, contact stage IDs, and person IDs, facilitating efficient data management and tracking. Additionally, details about the creation and last update timestamps provide insights into the temporal aspects of the data. Various statuses and indicators, such as email verification status, existence level, and subscription status, offer valuable information for analyzing the reliability and engagement of contact information. Moreover, arrays of departments, functions, and subdepartments shed light on the organizational affiliations and roles of the individuals. Integration with platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot is facilitated through associated IDs, enabling seamless data synchronization and management across different systems. Furthermore, source information and custom fields enhance the contextual understanding and customization of the dataset, catering to diverse analytical and operational needs.

Contact Emails

The dataset includes crucial email-related information about individuals, such as their email address along with its MD5 and SHA-256 hashes for security and encryption purposes. It also provides insights into the source of the email, whether obtained through platforms like RampedUp, and its verification status, indicating whether it has been verified or not. Additionally, the dataset includes an extrapolated email confidence level, which assesses the reliability of extrapolated email addresses. Furthermore, it identifies if the email is from a free domain and its position within the array of emails associated with the individual. Miscellaneous information encompasses details like any notes related to the account's phone number and whether the domain of the person's email is free, adding further context to the dataset.

This JSON dataset, sourced from, offers comprehensive insights into individuals, encompassing contact information, work history, and organizational affiliations. It's a valuable resource for lead generation, sales, and marketing endeavors. However, it's essential to prioritize data privacy and adhere to relevant regulations, ensuring responsible utilization of this data. Employing an Apollo data scraper enables efficient extraction and utilization of this information while maintaining compliance and safeguarding privacy.


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