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Yellow Pages Scraper - Scrape Yellow Pages Data

RealdataAPI / Yellow Pages Scraper

The Yellow Pages Scraper, developed as a Real Data API actor, facilitates extracting information from Yellow Pages listings. This versatile tool enables users to search for records using keywords and location or a provided list of URLs. Built on the Real Data API SDK, it is deployable on both the platform and locally, offering flexibility in data extraction for various applications.


Field Type Description Default Value
search string search string Query string searched on a site Dentist
location string Location string searching the records for “New York”
startUrls array A series of Request objects designated for thorough crawling. The URLs should correspond to any record list page on None
maxItems number Maximum pages which will get scraped00 200
extendOutputFunction string Develop a function which takes the Cheerio object as well as a Cheerio representation from record element called ($, record) like inputs. This function is designed to generate data, which will subsequently be joined with a default output as per the specifications outlined in the Extend Output. ($, record) => { return {}; }
proxyConfiguration object Proxy settings of the run. If you have access to Real Data API proxy, you can set { "useRealDataAPIProxy": true" } to enable proxy usage { "useRealDataAPIProxy": false }

Set either the search and location attributes or the startUrls attribute.


Data is stored in a dataset, with each entry containing information about a record.

    "isAd": true,

    "url": "
    "name": "Golden State Dental Group",
    "address": "1601 N Long Beach Blvd, Compton, New York 90221",
    "phone": "(310) 507-7718",
    "rating": 4,
    "ratingCount": 6,
    "infoSnippet": "*Please contact us for more information",
    "categories": [
    "Pediatric Dentistry",
    "Implant Dentistry",
    "Cosmetic Dentistry"

($, record) => {
    return {
    additionalField: 'exampleValue',
    modifiedField: 'newModifiedValue',
    unwantedField: undefined,

This function extends the output by adding an "additionalField," modifying the value of "modifiedField," and removing the "unwantedField."


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