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Crunchbase Scraper - Scrape Crunchbase Data

RealdataAPI / Crunchbase Data Scraper

The Crunchbase Data Scraper enables users to uncover valuable insights from vast organizational data. Extract information on acquisitions, people, reports, events, and more using customizable search options for precise results. Enhance your research and business intelligence effortlessly with this powerful tool.

Crunchbase Data Scraper

The Crunchbase Data Scraper is a valuable tool for extracting data from Crunchbase, especially without a proper and accessible API. This actor offers comprehensive features to facilitate data retrieval, supporting the scraping of organization details, person details, event details, hub details, and more. Here's a breakdown of its key functionalities:

Scrape Organization Details

Retrieve attributes like the number of employees, technology, summary, people working, or investment details of an organization.

Scrape Person Information

Extract attributes such as name, title, CB Rank, jobs, primary organization, or associated hubs of people.

Scrape Event Information

Gather details, including speakers, names, locations, dates, venues, and registration links of an event.

Scrape Hub Information

Capture attributes like total founders, founded date, name, attained percentage, associated to a hub.

Scrape Data by Keywords

Utilize location-specific keywords to perform targeted searches on specific lists.

Identify Properties

Directly pinpoint rental, for sale, or sold properties using this feature.

By offering these functionalities, the Crunchbase Data Scraper empowers users to enhance their research and business intelligence efforts, providing flexibility and customization in data extraction.


Market Research

Conduct in-depth market research by scraping organization details such as technology, number of employees, and investment details, enabling a comprehensive analysis of industry trends.

Competitor Analysis

Gain a competitive edge by extracting and comparing key attributes of organizations, including technology, funding, and personnel details.

Lead Generation

Identify potential leads and business opportunities by scraping organization details and critical personnel information, facilitating targeted outreach and networking.

Investment Analysis

Analyze investment opportunities by extracting details on funding rounds, acquisitions, and the overall financial health of organizations.

Event Planning

Streamline event planning efforts by scraping event details such as speakers, locations, and registration links, facilitating efficient coordination and organization.

Talent Acquisition

Enhance talent acquisition strategies by scraping person details, including titles, names, and primary organizations, aiding in identifying potential candidates.

Property Market Analysis

For real estate professionals, the ability to scrape and identify properties (rental, for sale, or sold) based on location provides valuable insights into the property market.

Hub Analysis

Understand the dynamics of hubs by extracting details such as the number of founders, founded date, and acquired percentage, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Strategic Partnerships

Identify potential partners by extracting organization details, enabling businesses to make informed decisions regarding strategic collaborations.

Customized Data Retrieval

Leverage the flexibility of the scraper to tailor data extraction based on specific keywords, allowing users to obtain targeted information for their unique needs.

Bugs, updates, fixes, and changelog

The ongoing development of this scraper is dynamic, and users are encouraged to contribute feature requests by creating issues here. Anticipated updates include:

Advanced Search:

Enhancements to the search functionality, providing users with more advanced and refined search options for a more tailored data retrieval experience.

Full Descriptions:

The upcoming changes will include the capability to fetch comprehensive descriptions alongside the existing short descriptions, offering users a more detailed insight into the data being extracted.

As the development progresses, these incoming changes aim to improve the functionality and usability of the scraper, ensuring that users have access to enhanced features for their data extraction needs.

Input Parameters

The scraper's input configuration is specified in JSON format and includes a list of Crunchbase pages to visit. The possible fields are:

- search (Optional) (String): A keyword for the Crunchbase search engine. If this parameter is present, the mode parameter must also be used.

- mode (Optional) (String): Determines the actor's mode based on the keyword from the search parameter. Modes include all organizations, events, hubs, or people. If this parameter is present, the search parameter must be provided as well.

- startUrls (Optional) (Array): A list of Crunchbase URLs, limited to business detail, person info, event details, or hub info URLs.

- maxItems (Optional) (Number): Allows users to limit the number of scraped items, which is particularly beneficial for extensive lists or search results.

- proxy (Required) (Proxy Object): Configures the proxy settings for the scraper. Users can either use personal proxy servers or utilize the Real Data API Proxy.

- extendOutputFunction (Optional) (String): A function that accepts a jQuery handle ($) as an argument and returns an object with data.

- customMapFunction (Optional) (String): A function which takes every object's control like an argument as well as proceeds the object after executing the function.

This solution requires the use of proxy servers, either personal ones or the Real Data API Proxy.

Unit Consumption

The actor is designed for optimal speed, prioritizing item detail requests to achieve high efficiency. Under minimal blocking conditions, it can scrape up to 100 items in 1 minute, consuming approximately 0.04-0.05 compute units. This emphasis on performance ensures swift and effective data extraction.

Input example of Crunchbase Data Scraper

    "startUrls": [
    "search": "warner",
    "proxy": {
        "useRealDataAPIProxy": true
    "mode": "all",
    "maxItems": 500



Throughout the execution, the actor communicates progress through messages, indicating the current page from the provided list. When items are successfully loaded from a page, corresponding messages display the count of loaded items and the total item count for that page. In the event of incorrect input, the actor promptly halts, entering a failure state, and provides an explanation of the encountered issue. This transparent communication system ensures users are informed about the status and results of the actor run.

Crunchbase Export

Throughout the execution, the actor stores results in a dataset, with each item represented as an individual entry. Users have the flexibility to manage these results in any programming language, be it Python, PHP, or Node JS/NPM. For detailed guidance on extracting results from this Crunchbase actor, refer to the FAQ or consult our API reference for comprehensive information.

Example of Crunchbase Items

    "properties": {
        "identifier": {
            "uuid": "27e940be-6f97-2ee0-b8a9-5896fc45bc2a",
            "value": "Warner L. Baxter",
            "image_id": "v1460807093/enb7lpjnglfxlapctkkp.png",
            "permalink": "warner-l-baxter",
            "entity_def_id": "person"
        "facet_ids": ["rank"],
        "title": "Warner L. Baxter - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer @ Ameren Services",
        "short_description": "Business Experience:Mr. Baxter, 54, is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ameren Corporation, a regulated electric and g..."
    "cards": {
        "education_summary": {
            "identifier": {
                "uuid": "27e940be-6f97-2ee0-b8a9-5896fc45bc2a",
                "value": "Warner L. Baxter",
                "image_id": "v1460807093/enb7lpjnglfxlapctkkp.png",
                "permalink": "warner-l-baxter",
                "entity_def_id": "person"



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