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How to Use the Best Amazon Price Scraper Without Coding?

Sep 05, 2023

Amazon has become an indispensable part of our lives, serving as a go-to destination for nearly all our shopping needs. Yet, beyond its role as a retail platform, it is a treasure trove of data and insights into online retail and e-commerce. With a wealth of information available on the platform, encompassing product listings, pricing details, and more, you gain the capacity for comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, price tracking, and many related tasks.

However, the challenge lies in how to gather Amazon price data efficiently. While a straightforward method involves manual copying and pasting of data into spreadsheets, this approach becomes impractical due to the sheer volume of data on Amazon.

Enter the solution: a professional Amazon price scraper. Such a tool can automate web data extraction through its integrated browser. In the following sections, we will guide you on how to scrape Amazon price data effortlessly without the need for any coding expertise.

Fundamentals of Amazon Web Scraping: Key Insights

What is an Amazon Scraper?


An Amazon scraper or Amazon data scraping tool is a specialized program designed to extract essential data from the platform, including product details, sales ranks, reviews, ratings, pricing, and more. These tools offer a user-friendly and efficient way to automatically scrape data without requiring any coding skills. The extracted data can be stored in various formats for easy analysis, comparison, and reference. Utilizing these applications, you can swiftly track Amazon's price history and gather other critical information.

Is Scraping Amazon Price Data Legal?

In short, if you Extract Amazon Price Data it is generally legal if you extract publicly available information such as product details, reviews, and prices. However, it's important to note that a web scraper is simply a tool, and the legality of data usage depends on how and where you use it. Always ensure compliance with copyright and privacy regulations according to your local laws.

How Can an Amazon Price Monitor Benefit You?

Price monitoring is indispensable for any online business, particularly in competitive marketplaces like Amazon. Amazon Price Data Extractors can significantly enhance your profitability in several ways:

Real-Time Price Change Alerts

The prices of Amazon products can fluctuate rapidly. A price monitor continually checks competitor prices, providing immediate alerts when changes occur. This lets you adjust your pricing strategy promptly, ensuring competitiveness and maximizing sales opportunities.

Optimal Initial Pricing

Determining the ideal launch price for a product can be challenging. Price scrapers help you gather competitor pricing data, enabling you to set an optimal initial price that balances profit margins with market advantage. Starting with the right price can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Identifying Pricing Trends


Numerous factors influence product prices, such as seasonal fluctuations, demand variations, and competitor strategies. Amazon Price Data Scraping tools enable you to track price trends over time, unveiling patterns and cycles. This data empowers you to strategically plan future price adjustments based on what has proven effective, ultimately optimizing your pricing strategy.

In summary, Amazon Price Scraping Tools are invaluable tools for businesses looking to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. They provide the means to gather critical data, make informed pricing decisions, and stay agile in response to market dynamics.

Creating an Amazon Price Monitor: Track Price Changes with Ease

When it comes to building an Amazon price monitor, Real Data API emerges as the ideal solution. Compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, this tool empowers you to effortlessly do Amazon Price Scraping Extension, including product details, reviews, prices, delivery times, stock availability, and more. With Real Data API, you can establish a price monitor for your Amazon product listings without the need for coding expertise or intricate procedures. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to schedule scraping sessions at your convenience, allowing you to stay updated on price fluctuations whenever you prefer.


Building an Amazon Price Scraper with Real Data API: Simple Steps

Step 1: Launch Real Data API and Access the Desired Amazon Page.

Launch Real Data API on your device; if you haven't already, you can sign up for a free account. Please copy the link of the Amazon page you wish to scrape and paste it into the search box within Real Data API. The scraping process will commence automatically.

Step 2: Extract Amazon Price Data.

Once the auto-detecting mode concludes, create a workflow tailored to your requirements. You can customize pagination loops, Ajax times, XPath, and other data fields as needed. After configuring your settings, click the "Run" button to initiate the data scraping process for Amazon prices.

Step 3: Schedule Price Scraping to Monitor Amazon Prices.

Real Data API offers a solution if you prefer to monitor price changes at specific times. You can download the scraped data in Excel using the local device mode. Alternatively, access the Dashboard panel and select the desired task for scheduled monitoring. Click on "More," then navigate to "Cloud Runs" and choose "Set Schedule" to configure your desired scraping schedule. Refer to the Real Data API schedule scraping tutorial for more comprehensive information on this feature.


In conclusion, while pricing is just one facet of successful online product sales, its significance cannot be understated. Numerous online store proprietors employ Amazon price scrapers to enhance the competitiveness of their products. Leveraging a price scraper, you gain the ability to monitor real-time price fluctuations, glean insights into pricing trends, and adapt your pricing strategy proactively to maintain a competitive edge over rivals. If you're in search of a user-friendly Amazon price scraper, we invite you to explore the convenience and effectiveness of Real Data API today.