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Amazon ASIN Data Scraping: A Step-by-Step Guide with the ASIN Data Scraper

June 28, 2023

What do ASINs stand for on Amazon?

ASIN, or Amazon Standard Identification Number, is the unique identifier for listed Amazon products. Amazon generates it for all the new product listings starting with B0 in the ten-digit sequence, containing alphanumeric notations. Amazon doesn't provide ASINs to listings with UPC or ISBN codes.

How to Discover ASIN on the Amazon Platform?

To demonstrate, we will select a random Amazon item. Let's go to the shop using the category box and choose computers and accessories.


Let us select the Scepter monitor, one of Amazon's best-selling products.

Note: If you want the data for best-selling products on Amazon, you can scrape them using Amazon Best Sellers Scraper.


Tap on the item, and check the URL. Can you see a number with ten characters and B0 characters as the prefix? That 10-digit number is your required Amazon ASIN.


Also, see the technical details box to find the Amazon ASIN by scrolling down the webpage.


What is the Significance of Amazon ASIN?

From the Customer's Perspective:

Buyers can use Amazon ASIN to simplify searching for required products by exploring product categories. It is effortless for buyers to purchase a particular product using the identification code, similar to purchasing a book using ISBN. If you'd like to buy a mobile, you can use the ASIN, making it simple to search the mobile device.


From the Product Seller's Perspective:

The Amazon Standard Identification Number is significant for both Amazon and you. It is because Amazon monitors your inventory with the catalog data as the reference and lists product catalog pages to browse and available for search. Since the Amazon ASIN allows buyers multiple options for category search, it is the base of the catalog format. With Amazon ASIN codes, it is easier to index catalogs or monitor product inventory for millions of products on Amazon.

Why Scrape ASIN Data from Amazon?

Ecommerce sellers extract Amazon ASINs to fulfill various requirements. Let's discuss a couple of the most common purposes here:

First: To collect product data for dropshipping

To drop ship Amazon products on other e-commerce platforms, or online stores, you should scrape the detailed product data from the Amazon product listing page. Gather it into a CSV formatted dataset, and import it to your platform. Use our Amazon ASIN scraper to add the maximum number of possible products in the file at scale.

Second: To collect product review data for product optimization and review study

Ecommerce sellers may want to analyze their customers and competitors to clearly understand customer expectations, competition level, product research, marketing prerequisites, and more. Observing customer reviews, and learning about their problems and expectations, is an excellent way to make a detailed analysis. The above procedure reveals the exact expectations of buyers and the product type's ineffectiveness. After preparing the right message to share with customers and the right products in stock, you'll ramp up your success exponentially as a seller. You can effectively do it by automating the Amazon ASINs and product reviews that you can use to study the required insights to get success in selling Amazon products.

Can I Scrape Amazon ASIN Data Legally?

Yes, you can legally scrape publically existing Amazon product data following privacy policies, private data regulations, data safety, and copyright regulations. Try not to extract any personal data without genuine reason.

How to Scrape Amazon ASIN Data?

The most effective and quickest way to extract data for ASINs is using our Amazon ASIN scraper. It is a dedicated web scraper to extract the Amazon standard identification number data. The tool allows you to scrape Amazon ASINs specially and gives a quick scraping output. You could also use a typical Amazon product data scraper that can scrape multiple data fields from Amazon, like, product title, description, price, reviews, ASINs, and more.

Here are the three simple steps to scrape Amazon ASINs using the scraper:

First Step: Head Over to the Amazon ASINs Data Scraper From the Store Page


Open the Amazon ASINs scraper from the store, and click the Customize Me option. It will land you on the login or account creation forms, where you'll fill in the necessary credentials to sign in. Or, you can contact us to get a consultation for your needs. After login and consultation, you'll land on the page to scrape Amazon ASIN data.

Second Step: Add ASINs of Required Products To Scrape and Hit the Start Button


Add as many ASINs as you want to scrape in a single run using the ads button. Here, we'll explain using the default setting of scraping a single ASIN as a sample. Check out the below JSON input for the sample with default settings:


Once you switch to the JSON editor, you can see each Input field in the JSON format:


Only hit the Start option; the scraper will collect the Amazon ASIN data. Once the scraper finishes its run, it will change the status from Running to Succeeded.


Third Step: Export Amazon ASIN Data

After the successful run of the scraper, head over to the storage tab and preview or export the collected data in the available data format.


Check out the below JSON output for the sample run:


That's it! You've learned how to scrape Amazon ASINs using our Amazon ASIN scraper. For custom solutions of web scrapers, contact Real Data API.