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Supercharge your business strategies with Real Data API' Yelp Scraper. Unlock the wealth of data from Yelp, extracting valuable information on businesses, reviews, and trends. Harness the power of targeted insights to elevate your decision-making and stay ahead in the competitive market. Real Data API, your key to unlocking Yelp's potential.

Real Data API's Yelp Scraper Extracts Business Details, Ratings, and Reviews Without API Hassles.

The Yelp Scraper by Real Data API is a powerful tool for swift data extraction from Yelp. It efficiently captures business details, ratings, and reviews, eliminating the need for the Yelp API. Extracting essential information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, ratings, and review texts, it streamlines the process of obtaining valuable Yelp data for various purposes.

Scraping Yelp Made Simple

  • Use Yelp Scraper effortlessly with these steps.
  • Click 'Try for Free,' input your desired search terms or location, click 'Run,' and within minutes, access your data.
  • Preview or download the results from the Dataset tab when Yelp Scraper completes the process.

What is the scraping capacity of the Yelp Scraper in terms of retrieving results?

The Yelp Scraper typically yields an average of up to 240 results. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that scraping involves various variables, leading to fluctuations in results. The number may vary based on input complexity, location, and other factors. Variables include the website's response to different inputs, internal limits set by Yelp, and limitations within the scraper itself, which are continually being improved. Conducting a test run is recommended to determine the precise result count for your specific use case, as benchmarks and outcomes can vary.

What is the pricing structure for scraping Yelp?

Determining the cost of scraping Yelp is challenging due to varying use cases. The recommended approach is to conduct a test scrape with a small input data sample and limited output. This allows you to calculate the price per scrape, which can then be multiplied by the intended number of scrapes to estimate the overall cost accurately.


Below is a sample output from the Yelp Scraper:

    "businessName": "Example Business",
    "address": "123 Main St",
    "phoneNumber": "(555) 555-1234",
    "rating": 4.5,
    "reviewText": "Great service and delicious food!"

Scraping Yelp raises legal considerations, particularly regarding personal data protected by GDPR in the EU and other global regulations. Undertake such scraping only for legitimate reasons, seeking legal advice if uncertain. Our blog post on web scraping legality provides additional insights.

If Yelp Scraper doesn't suit your requirements, explore building your own. Real Data API provides scraper templates in Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript, or you can craft one using our open-source library, Crawlee. Choose to keep it private or share it on the Real Data API Store.

To obtain results in various formats, you can adjust the format query parameter to choices like XML, CSV, HTML, etc. For comprehensive details on datasets, consult the documentation or the Get dataset items endpoint in the Real Data API reference. Exploring these options enables effective retrieval and manipulation of your scraped data.


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